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In our Rackstar Feature Kristine interviews women who embody who we are at The Urban Rack and who we serve...Real, Powerful, Beautiful, Women. From staff, to customers, to suppliers...we love to share stories from women who inspire us daily. Click here to read about our past Rackstars!

Kym Ethier




1.We know you are a very busy "dance mom" but we also know that you can bust a pretty sweet move as a performer yourself. What is it about dance that lights you up?
To be honest, I’m not really sure, as I am somewhat of an introvert. I love music, and to move. I appreciate and adore most forms of art, expressing and showing creativity. I find dance to be fun, and fabulous exercise for the body and mind. but it also challenges me and takes me out of my comfort zone...which we all need to do on a regular basis!

2. In Coach's Corner we are talking about the spotlight shining so hotly on our gender these days (marches, pussyhats, internet insanity over Gaga and Beyonce). What do you think we can do here at The Urban Rack as we work alongside and serve other women to help shine a positive light for the world (or at least our little South Delta corner)?

I think we just continue what we are doing here at the rack! Assisting our customers in feeling fabulous, cared for, beautiful, and encouraging them to feel confident in what they wear. And all while being a respectful and supportive member of our very special South Delta community.

3. OK, this is the important stuff. Curious minds want to know your thoughts (in one word answers):

• Fashion is...
Fun (not scary!)
• Sexiest quality in a man?
Humour (oh and the eyes…)
• Sexiest quality in a woman?
• Favourite food?
Mexican (Tacos and Guacamole!)
• Most beautiful place on earth?
Sunshine makes me happy.
Loss make me sad.
• Guilty pleasure?
Wine and Chocolate

4. You have been a Rack model for about 10 years now at every one of our charity events. We have seen you look totally comfortable (and gorgeous) in everything from sweats to fancy shmancy. What look do you feel most "you" in?

I feel I am a dressy or “put together” casual kind of gal. At the moment I live in rolled up denim and my booties! ( soon to be flip flops I hope) Mom gear lol!!

5.At the risk of boring everyone to tears I want to talk about the weather. Because seriously? I'm feeling like we are getting multiple seasons within seasons. Snow, rain, sun...all within 5 days. It's bananas. I want one to stick around for awhile, and I would choose sun, and then more sun. I love light flowy dresses, sipping cold beverages on decks, flowers in bloom, and not worrying about how dirty my dog will get when we go for a walk. Which is your fave and why?

I'm right beside you in the sun department, and summer! I love hanging by the pool with family and friends, heading to the beach for the evening or a paddle on my board, and driving in my truck with the windows down and the music really loud! Ahhh I can’t wait to feel the warm sunshine on my face!


Coach's Corner
By Kristine Irving

In addition to running The Urban Rack, I have also trained as a Life and Business coach. It is this work that enables me to live the Purpose of The Urban Rack outside of the stores…Inspiring women to discover and embrace their Unique Beauty. Coach’s Corner is an opportunity for me to share quotes, tools, inspirational messages, and fun exercises to help us grow.

A sweet goodbye...

" In Coach's Corner I have spoken many times about change and how it affects each of us differently. Some of us embrace change with excitement and wonder while others would prefer things to stay just as they are thank you very much. I am of the former variety. I tend to get bored easily and have always been attracted to new experiences, new surroundings and what opportunity may lay in wait as I tackle a new challenge....



Kristine Irving, Coach's Corner

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