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In our Rackstar Feature Caylea interviews women who embody who we are at The Urban Rack and who we serve...Real, Powerful, Beautiful, Women. From staff, to customers, to suppliers...we love to share stories from women who inspire us daily. Click here to read about our past Rackstars!

Jane Finley




1.This has been your first year as an Empty Nester with your "little boy" at UBC.  We all know that in order to fly  nestlings need to be booted out of their warm cozy roost, but it ain't always easy.  How was this transition for you?  And what has been the biggest change at home?

Landing at The Rack in February 2017 was a Godsend on so many levels, lifting me up on some tough days, including watching my one and only move out last September. Fortunately, my not so little boy – 6’4” – was nice and close to home at UBC and came home frequently to visit, arriving with endless piles of dirty laundry, to devour home-cooked meals. For sure the biggest change has been the decibel level in the house and the overall consumption of groceries. The dog remains crazy.

2. We just had our annual Charity Fashion Show at The Urban Rack which was another fabulous success (over $5K for the Canucks Autism Network! woot woot!). You have been involved in charity fundraising for many years Jane. What is it that draws you to this work? And for those of us that are feeling the need to help but don't know where to start...any ideas?? ?

I’m so proud of the success of The Rack’s fundraiser this year, a complete and total team effort! I know first-hand the many hours that go into to making these events a success. I’ve been drawn to charity fundraising my whole life, mainly because I was raised in family that made giving back to the community a top priority, because we could! I had the good fortune of being a stay-at-home mom with Perrin and found the nature of the fundraising beast – especially the flexible hours – meant I could manage both during my 15 years at home. My advice is to find something that you’re passionate about and to reach out to offer a helping hand. There are so many organizations out there that simply can’t exist without volunteers.

3. OK, this is the important stuff. Curious minds want to know your thoughts (in one word answers):


ONE WORD??  Are you kidding me?  I’ll do my best but…

• Fashion is...
self-expression (and God knows this girl’s self-expression through fashion has certainly been reflected in my fluctuating self-esteem over the years…cue blushing emoji…)
• Sexiest quality in a man?
Kindness and intelligence but mostly a sense of humour!
• Sexiest quality in a woman?
• Favourite food?
Comfort foods
• Most beautiful place on earth?
My “backyard”
Spending quality time with family, friends and my crazy dog makes me happy.
Negativity make me sad.
• Guilty pleasure?
Candy, Candy Crush…and…shopping!

4.While we have been well watered this spring we have also had our fair share of beautiful sunny days. And it doesn't get any more gorgeous than a sunny day in our beautiful city. Let's say you have a day off without any errands to run, chores to do or money to do yo

u spend a sunny day? And of course, what are you wearing??

If I can manage it, my day starts with a dog walk (at the beach is a bonus), then finds me meeting gal pals for lunch somewhere overlooking the water, and finishes with dinner at home, hopefully on the back deck. I’m wearing my current favourite pair of AG’s – how do I choose?! – paired with a Brave belt, funky footwear and a cold-shoulder tee or blouse from the store (crushing on my Mystree’s right now!).

5. As an expat here in Ladner (Jane lives in the faraway land of White Rock), you have been able to experience this beautiful community with a different set of glasses. As a fellow expat (from Fort Langley) I knew Ladner was special from the first day I became a Rackstar so many years ago. What do you think it is about Ladner that gets people like us to hop in our cars (at a zillion dollars a gallon) to come here and work?

I, too, immediately realized how special Ladner was and is. From the moment I first became a Rackstar, I was overwhelmed by the positive vibes emanating from the Ladner community. The customers have welcomed me as one of their own from the word “go”, and this, in turn, has made me feel part of this lovely community. Ladner has a small town quality to it that hearkens back to an easier, happier and less complicated time in the world. And yes, these Ladner women LOVE their fashion! I simply can’t imagine working anywhere else! I sound like a broken record but I’m so lucky to have landed here, surrounded by our many beautiful customers, who come from near and far to feast on our ever-changing menu of yummy fashions. Best. Job. Ever.


Coach's Corner
By Kristine Irving

In addition to running The Urban Rack, I have also trained as a Life and Business coach. It is this work that enables me to live the Purpose of The Urban Rack outside of the stores…Inspiring women to discover and embrace their Unique Beauty. Coach’s Corner is an opportunity for me to share quotes, tools, inspirational messages, and fun exercises to help us grow.

A sweet goodbye...

" In Coach's Corner I have spoken many times about change and how it affects each of us differently. Some of us embrace change with excitement and wonder while others would prefer things to stay just as they are thank you very much. I am of the former variety. I tend to get bored easily and have always been attracted to new experiences, new surroundings and what opportunity may lay in wait as I tackle a new challenge....



Kristine Irving, Coach's Corner

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