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In our Rackstar Feature Caylea interviews women who embody who we are at The Urban Rack and who we serve...Real, Powerful, Beautiful, Women. From staff, to customers, to suppliers...we love to share stories from women who inspire us daily. Click here to read about our past Rackstars!

Lynn Glover




1.As a former restaurateur (Vagellis), we just assume you are a wizard with anything culinary.  After a long day at work, what is your go-to quickie meal to whip up?  And is there a delicious beverage pairing we need to know about?

On these crisp fall days it was easiest to throw a beautiful steak on the bbq or beef souvlaki with Greek salad and of course pair them with a nice glass of Pinot Noir.

2. We have so many fantastic local shops and restaurants in Ladner. As a long time resident, what are a few of your favourite haunts? Besides The Urban Rack of course.

I do have a few local old favourites such as Muddy River Landing for a few great gift ideas and Atomic Hair studio for a great cut with Tracy… We have great restaurants as well in Ladner, my new favourites are Il Posto and of course Sapporo Kitchen!

3.OK, this is the important stuff. Curious minds want to know your thoughts (in one word answers):


ONE WORD??  Are you kidding me?  I’ll do my best but…

• Fashion is...
an expression of yourself
• Sexiest quality in a man?
• Sexiest quality in a woman?
• Favourite food?
• Most beautiful place on earth?
Sunset in Mexico
Family makes me happy.
Ignorance make me sad.
• Guilty pleasure?
Red wine

4.This time of year is like Christmas at The Urban Rack.  Boxes and boxes of goodness are arriving daily.  What are your top three picks for the fall season?  What might our closets be calling for?

Fall is my favourite shopping time
This year I will be filling my closet with a great duster, a fantastic pair of A.G skinny jeans and of course a few new black Ts buy Z supply, I love their coziness.

5. I am your travel genie (but with a cute outfit, not baggy pants and topless. Thankfully!). If you had a month to spend anywhere in the world, where would it be? And who would you take on this dream trip? (I'm a very generous genie, so you can take as many people as you like)

I would be in Mexico, most likely San jose del Cabo with my family My husband and kids and grandsons and since you are a generous genie I will take my most closest friends as well and their families...


Coach's Corner
By Kristine Irving

In addition to running The Urban Rack, I have also trained as a Life and Business coach. It is this work that enables me to live the Purpose of The Urban Rack outside of the stores…Inspiring women to discover and embrace their Unique Beauty. Coach’s Corner is an opportunity for me to share quotes, tools, inspirational messages, and fun exercises to help us grow.

A sweet goodbye...

" In Coach's Corner I have spoken many times about change and how it affects each of us differently. Some of us embrace change with excitement and wonder while others would prefer things to stay just as they are thank you very much. I am of the former variety. I tend to get bored easily and have always been attracted to new experiences, new surroundings and what opportunity may lay in wait as I tackle a new challenge....



Kristine Irving, Coach's Corner

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Embrace your unique beauty