Why a personal stylist?

That easy, to save time & money! You save time because I preselect the clothing/outfits based on your needs. I will have items coordinated, on a rack, in your size, ready to try on when you arrive! You save money because I will ensure that you are not only buying what you need, but also no buying styles that we both know you won't wear, or items that you already have in your closet. In fact, my biggest pet peeve is to see tags on clothing hanging in your closet


Isn’t a personal stylist just for celebrities / high profile people?


Heck no! In fact, the majority of people hiring personal stylists are working professionals, both men & women who see the value in taking the guesswork and frustration out of shopping for themselves.

Why Caylea, why The Urban Rack?


See I’m a bit of an anomaly, owing my own clothing store is the engine for my personal styling business. This is why I don’t have an hourly charge for my services, nor do I require a “kickback” percentage from my store. In fact, I will even come to your home for a pre-appointment “Closet Edit” (2 hours max) to figure out exactly what you need, what you don’t need, plus create some new outfit ideas with your existing wardrobe! All I require is a minimum purchase at my store. Long term benefits are that I begin to integrate your specific size & styling needs into my buy plan for the store. I do all of the buying for my company so over time you can rest assured knowing that from season to season, “I got you”

Not digging the Rack?

That’s ok, I offer off site services, both in your home for “Closet Editing” and at the stores you love for an hourly rate




Thank you! We'll be in touch with setting up an appointment within the next 48 hours.