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"Athleisure" is one of the biggest trends we've seen over the past few seasons and continues to be an important look in fashion. Bridging the gap between street fashion and active lifestyle this trend pretty much gives us permission to wear our gym/yoga gear whenever the heck we want. The key here is to make it "fashion-y" as our NEW line Industry does. This Montreal based company brings us a fashion-forward, functional active wear brand with an edge. It has all the technical aspects we need (moisture wicking, reflective tape/details, odour resistant, UV protection) for working out but all the fashion aspects we need to take it to the street.

"Fashion is her Sanctuary, and Sanctuary is her Fashion"...love! This LA brand has staff and customers swooning. Originating in 1997 as the Master Pant Maker, Sanctuary has evolved into so much more (although their pants continue to rock). It has created a truly Ageless full line that targets a gal who is modern, cultured, social, and full of life. Which is kinda awesome as that pretty much sums up The Urban Rack customer.

As with Spuzzum, if you blinked you might have missed our fall shipment of Backdrop. It quite literally flew out of the store but thankfully this Vancouver based company was able to refill our stock. A primarily knit driven line that designs each piece with the intention of becoming a "backdrop" to a woman's wardrobe. Clever and fashionable. I think I like these guys (or gal rather, founder is Carol Lenic).

Daniel Wellington:
If you know watches, you know Daniel Wellington. Full disclosure...I honestly do not know watches but I do know beautiful styling when I see it and I certainly respect the almost cult-like status this brand has garnered. Watches have never been an area that The Urban Rack has delved into but I could not resist the timeless, elegant, refined styling of a Daniel Wellington watch. The leather wristband is made with Italian calf leather and the workings are Japanese quartz movement. A perfect Christmas gift idea, for you or someone you adore (the large face is designed to be unisex so could be a gift for the man in your life as well).

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January, January...oh how you torment us. I'm all for taking time to reflect on what isn't working in our lives and setting goals for change and a plan of action to get there (it's kind of what I do) but in January the focus always seems to be on one big fat thing.

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