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Surkana brings us a breath of fresh air for spring. Just when we crave colour and fun prints this lovely line from Barcelona delivers. It has the look and feel of other high end lines from Spain but without the hefty price tag. Tops are between $39-$50 and dresses are all around $77. This dress pictured above is a personal fave. Great for travelling and super cute with my white Nine West tennis sneaks.

Red Haute

Red Haute (sounds like "oat") is hot! A gorgeous line out of LA that we are totally loving and so are our customers. Designed to offer women a blend of sophistication and simplicity in butter soft fabrics with an unwavering attention to detail. Red Haute was founded in 1990 and is proud to manufacturer primarily in the US (about 90% in LA). Detailing with modal, lace and silk gives it that "haute" feel and every dress in the collection is lined. Bumps be gone!

Gretel Designs

The only thing we love more than adorning ourselves with delicious arm, neck, and ear candy is adorning ourselves with candy from two incredibly talented local women. Two sisters from Ladner, Laura and Sandra, are the creative force behind this beautiful jewellery line. While the feel is laid back bohemian, each piece is also layered with sophistication in its design and materials. Is "elegant boho" a thing?...maybe it is now. Here's a lovely excerpt from the sisters story of Gretel "With the earth as their muse, its organic lines and shimmering seas, each piece is constructed with a sense of edge and calm and is created with a touch of each sister's hand." I think they're poets as well.

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