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Amy Henwood:
The Rackstars are obsessed with this gorgeous line from local designer and friend of The Urban Rack, Amy Henwood. We all feel better when we are close to nature, right? So we think it's pretty cool when we can lay "nature" right on our necks, our wrists, or our ears and carry that feeling with us always. "My designs intend to present a given that there is no greater source of inspirati on than the natural world. Nature as a topic within my work, can be lonely, whimsical, powerful and, in many pieces, unmistakably feminine. Very inspired by the places I go and the people I meet along the way, I try and create each piece with a personal touch." ~Amy

JAG: A line that is made by women for women, Jag takes fit and comfort to another level. We love that it's stylish but we really love how cute we look while still being able to move and breathe. Imagine that! This spring we are introducing the most popular denim fits, amazing jean jackets, crop pants, and very cool Bermuda shorts. And all under 89 bucks!

Spring Fashion Show 2014

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First question...Are you a VIP customer? If you are reading this, the answer is YES!  Congratulations, that means you can take advantage of any of these FREE services:

Off Hours Shopping.
Can't make it in during regular hours? We'll come in early or stay late.

Party Shopping.
That's just what it sounds like. Grab some gals, we'll provide the wine (or Perrier), and let's have a party. It can be a party of two or a party of 6 or anywhere in between.  We say 6 because we have limited changerooms but if you want to get cozy we can do more.

Private Wardrobe Consultation.
One of our experienced fashionistas will sit down with you one on one and go thru an in-depth questionnaire to determine your particular needs...and together come up with a plan that suits these needs and your budget.

Our most frequently asked question:
Will I be obligated to spend money? Absolutely not! Really, seriously, truly...just because we've come in after hours or popped a bottle of wine, that doesn't mean you'll find what you're looking for and we completely understand that. Please never feel pressured to buy anything that isn't totally fabulous.

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A Change is Gonna Come

Change often brings on very different emotions for each of us. For some, it ignites excitement, hope, joy, an opportunity to start fresh. For others it conjures up feelings of apprehension, nervousness, and a healthy (read: paralyzing) dose of Fear. If you are of the latter variety my... !

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We realize that you have so many options of places to shop and we want to ensure that when you do choose The Urban Rack we have done everything we can to encourage you to come back...and to tell your friends! We know we have to offer something more than gorgeous clothes and friendly service so we have created a unique blend of custom services just for you.

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