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Booking a private shopping experience is truly just that...an experience. With our recent store renovation we installed a schmancy new change room area in the back of the store we can reserve for this purpose. Having your own curtained off area is fun but there's so many other reasons customers love it:

• personal attention from one of our experienced staff.

• "efficient" use of time...before you come in we have you fill out a quickie questionnaire so we can get your room started with items to suit your needs in your preferred sizes/colours. We're ready to roll as soon as you come in.

• choose a time that works for you. During or after store hours.

• enjoy a nice beverage while you shop :)

• FREE service!!

For more information on our VIP services and to view a copy of our questionnaire click here.

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Columbo'd to Death...

Columbo was one of my favourite shows growing up and the best part was when the shlumpy, dishevelled detective (Peter Falk) would be just about to leave a crime scene and he would turn back with his infamous line "...just, just one more thing...". Great line in a show, not so great in real life.

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We realize that you have so many options of places to shop and we want to ensure that when you do choose The Urban Rack we have done everything we can to encourage you to come back...and to tell your friends! We know we have to offer something more than gorgeous clothes and friendly service so we have created a unique blend of custom services just for you.

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